• Our land, water, air, wildlife, and all things natural are resources that, when properly conserved and scientifically maintained, will last indefinitely for the benefit and pleasure of the human race. To that vision, we dedicate our Foundation resources to conservation, while maintaining a balance with the endeavors of mankind. We believe that the environment should be enjoyed and appreciated, and not just preserved, so we encourage outdoor experiences, including hunting, fishing, and camping.
  • Our life has been enriched by good health, and through the culture and civic affairs of our community. We wish to help ensure that others enjoy these opportunities.
  • We wish to devote substantial resources to help children and young people, who may be disadvantaged due to financial or other circumstances, attain their dreams. We believe that education is the key to opportunity and personal fulfillment.



  • Conservation. The Foundation will support organizations which focus on conserving the natural resources and environment for the benefit and use of the general public within the United States of America. Consideration will be given to grant requests to be used for: land acquisitions for creating or expanding parks, preserves and wildlife habitat, the preservation of wild and scenic places, clean water and air programs, the preservation of historical sites, and the sustainable use of natural resources including hunting, fishing and camping.
  • Community. The Foundation will support parks, recreational programs and facilities, museums, theaters, art centers or other developments that will offer the people of Orange County and Marin County greater lifestyle opportunities, and to encourage their involvement in the civic affairs of their community.
  • Health Care. The Foundation will support organizations dedicated to the health and welfare of the residents of Orange and Marin County, California. We will also support organizations nationwide in their ongoing research and development of products and procedures designed to enhance the quality of life for people with life threatening diseases.
  • Education. The Foundation will support programs that provide students from financially disadvantaged families with the resources needed to achieve in education, including scholarships, college preparatory academic studies, extra curricular programs that promote leadership and initiative, specialized learning programs for the arts and sciences, special needs programs, recreation programs and experiential learning opportunities.


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